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The fashion industry still separates curve models from the straight sized girls and you barely see editorials or ad’s with a range of all sizes. I met the wonderful Cande Moran in London, we shared a room (way too short) and we had some deep and honest talks about bodies and what modeling does with us. We were both completely surprised that we can relate to everything the other one says and we have exactly the same struggles and issues. If you didn’t know we’re a completely different size and work in different part of the industry you would never guess that! To me this shows one more time how we are all just woman that want to be who ever we want to be. I got the chance to ask Cande a few questions about modeling and her way to selflove. Find her Instagram here and check out her YouTube channel to see the real model life (here) (watch the episode about model houses, I couldn’t stop laughing 😀 )

Exploring one of my favorite parts of London today ?

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How did you get into modeling?
I was walking around with my sister when a scouter saw me and asked if I was interested in modeling. I couldn’t believe she was seeing a potential model in me! Not in my wildest dreams did I ever think I could be pretty enough to be considered a model!
You also have a YouTube channel, what’s the idea behind it?
I’ve always wanted to share my experience as a model. How’s the modeling industry really like. How’s the day to day life of a model. Show the industry as what it really is; a job. Sometimes I make fun of it. Sometimes I try to talk to my audience and explain how was my experience so far.

It is a journey that I’m willing to share and describe the best that I can, in the hopes to unveil how is the industry that nobody wants to talk about.

New year, new polaroids ? #model #digital

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we’ve talked a lot about body image, have you ever had struggled with your body or felt discriminated by the industry?
I’ve always been told that my hips were too wide, that I was not tall enough or ginger enough or skinny enough to really make it in this industry. But I’ve always been smart enough to not let those comments affect me.

I’ve always thought that a 10 year long career was not worth my health. I know it’s very easy to fall into eating disorders that will deteriorate your body in the long run.

If losing those extra inches on my hips would mean having to put my body into a dangerous weight, it is not worthy in the end. You have to be strong to be in this industry, but even stronger to know when to say NO.
Being a model is a dream of so many girls, what Is your favorite part about this job? And your less favorite?
Since I was a kid I’ve always thought an office job was not for me. Not having a routine it’s great! But it can also be very tricky if you suddenly have a lot of free time and you’re not sure what to do with it.
You have beautiful freckles and red hair, did you always like those features?
I used to hate them! At school I was bullied a lot because of my looks, so I also learned to despise those features.

It wasn’t until after school that I started to see myself as a woman. And little by little I started gaining confidence and appreciating my body.

Ironically at school I was bullied for being too skinny and afterwards in the modeling industry I was told I was too fat.

Tell us one thing that always lifts you up when you don’t feel confident!
Whenever I’m feeling lost I sit down and think; “Nobody really knows what they are doing.”

What does body positivity mean to you?
To me Body Positivity means to be in peace with yourself. Trying to not compare yourself with someone else. It is an every day challenge, that’s for sure!
Thank you for the great interview!