Valentine’s Day 

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Valentine’s Day is always a big deal, especially single girls seem to have their issues with this day. It’s like it reminds us that we are lonely and there is no one giving us flowers. But what about dedicating this day to selflove? It’s a stupid idea that you need a day to show someone love, especially yourself but now it’s here and we can make the best out of it. I’ll cook a dinner and buy myself some flowers, which I do every week by the way. I love to take care of myself cause the relationship you have with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship in your life. And don’t get me wrong I’m sometimes missing a man in my life as well but I love myself enough to not get myself into random relationships just to be in one. I’ll not make any compromises and keep on waiting for that one person that makes me feel special. And it’s not that we are sitting at home desperately waiting for that someone, I love flirting,dressing up, feeling sexy and having dates and I learned that being curvy doesn’t mean it’s hard to get a man. Many men love confident curvy girls and in the end it’s about so much more than just our bodies, even though it can be a huge benefit 😉

This look perfectly shows that you don’t have to dress in tight dresses to look sexy,even though I love a good bodycon dress, but wearing those wide pants combined with a sheer bodysuit makes me feel incredibly sexy in a different und of way.


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  1. Als ich eines dieser Fotos auf Instagram gesehen habe, fand ich irgendwie dass du darin ganz verändert aussiehst. Eine tolle Ausstrahlung wie immer – aber irgendwie auch anders! Ich hoffe du hattest gestern einen schönen Tag!

    Alles liebe

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