#selflovesunday Allgemein Sunday thoughts

#selflovesunday is something I’ll be doing from now on. Sunday is usually the day I take some time for myself, it’s the day I’m doing my weekly skincare routine and take time to do whatever I feel like. Sometimes I just stay at home doing nothing or I go out with my loved ones. It’s the only day I really focus on doing just the best stuff in order to gain energy for the week. So why not dedicating Sunday to selflove – it’s the best thing you can do for yourself! You gotta find out what it means to you, I love to cook something healthy that makes me feel good after eating and not too heavy, usually I do some yoga at home and sit down at the end meditate and thank my body for being great and for being so much more than just good looking.

Selflovesunday i will be focusing on inspirational stories of other body positive girls, my own story or just share pictures that might inspire you to love yourself. That’s a second thing I love, scrolling through my favorite curvemodel or bodypositive accounts on Instagram and see how lovely other women are and how beautiful it is to embrace and honor yourself. HAPPY SUNDAY!


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  1. Hey 🙂

    Du bist wirklich eine große Inspiration! Ich finde es toll, wie viel Fröhlichkeit und Positivität du auf deinen Bildern und in deinen Posts ausstrahlst. Ich finde es eine tolle Idee sich einen Tag in der Woche so Zeit für sich zu nehmen.

    Liebe Grüße <3

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