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So many girls ask me what I do to feel so confident and comfortable in my own body. Sometimes I just like to put on some nice underwear, just for myself! I like the feeling that good lingerie gives you and how it makes you immediately feel sexy and graceful.

Every woman should do that every now and then: find out what flatters your body, because feeling comfortable in your underwear is way more sexy than showing off as much skin as possible and not feeling confident doing that. I love high waisted panties or bodies. Stand in front of a mirror and look at what good underwear does to you and start to realize how good it feels. Look at your body, flaunt your shape and gain some new confidence! I believe that when you had that moment when you danced around in your undies, watching yourself in the mirror, realizing you look amazing you will feel more confident in every other outfit and you will not feel the urge to hide your body anymore.

This beautiful body (find it here) is from be curvy! Definitely check them out for beautiful lingerie for every shape and size!