Looking back at 2016 

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Usually I’m not really into the whole New Year’s Eve thing and I hate how everybody makes resolutions for the next year. But as this year is coming to an end I find myself thinking more and more about everything 2016 brought to me.

It started with one of the best decisions I’ve ever made: starting this blog! It didn’t only help me growing my own confidence it also made me find my vision. 2015 I felt lost after gaining back a little bit of weight and I didn’t felt accepted by the model industry. But this year I realized it’s not about others or being accepted by anyone, it’s all about accepting myself and changing my own thoughts about me and my body. A lot of you ask me how is it possible to achieve that? How can I achieve self acceptance?  And as much as I hate New Years resolutions here’s mine: I’ll put my best advice on finding selflove together and start a new blog category about this topic!

I’m beyond grateful for everything that has happened this year and all the beautiful souls that got into my life. Moving to another city, as a freelancer, with the idea of running a body positive blog, challenged me and made me grow every day. I had my downs this year and felt like nothing is changing, but looking back at the past months makes me realize how much especially I changed. I’ll have to learn to not put to much pressure on myself and appreciate how far I’ve already come.

What I really want to tell you with this is: never be afraid of changes and challenges! Accept your own fears but let them motivate you to work harder! Take chances and always believe in your dreams! We should all be a little more brave in 2016, chase our dreams, end relationships that  keep us down, speak out loud what we think and compliment each other instead of bringing others down!

Cheers on a good year full of lessons and gratitude – on to the next one! Can’t wait to share all the selflove with you guys, thanks for being here and supporting me <3

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