Gift guide

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Hey lovelies,

Christmas is around the corner so I decided to do a little last minute gift guide. I love making gifts and I always try to find something you didn’t know you needed but as soon as you unpack it you love it! (And yes secretly all things below are on my wishlist as well)

Lets start with some empowering, inspirational gifts for all of you who want to spread some GRL PWR under the Christmas tree.

I simply love every single item in this category and will probably get them myself, because they’re the perfects gifts for all my powergirls that surround me.

On to some beauty stuff! I simply LOVE gifting Make-up and skincare products, because who doesn’t love to learn about a little beauty secret of a friend? Here are my own beauty heroes that I’ll definitely put under the tree for some women in my family!

MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE GIFT? Books! Books are a great way to gift something personal and you can literally find a coffee-table book for everyone. It’s the perfect gift for all those who love photography and constantly search for inspiration. Definitely check out number 7 and 8 (they’re my secret addictions)

If you don’t want it to be too personal or there’s someone you don’t know too well those interior/ decoration gifts are perfect

And last but not least something for the men in our life. Even though I’m single and I love to gift activities when I’m with someone here’s still a little Inspo for your babe, brother or male friends.